About Orthodontics in Surrey

Orthodontics is all about change: change in a smile, growth and maturity of a child, and a positive change in self-esteem and confidence. These changes in our patients is what makes orthodontics amazing! Dr. Chow and his team have the ability to create a spectacular smile for our patients, while seeing them grow from shy children, into mature teens, and finally young adults, ready for the world.

How Orthodontic Treatment Works

Dr. Chow sees children as early as age seven at our Surrey, BC orthodontic office to screen them for orthodontic needs, and early interceptive treatment as required. If they do not require treatment, they are enrolled in our Pre-Orthodontic Guidance Program, with complimentary visits twice a year, which allow our doctors to monitor and guide their dental development and growth over time. This also allows us to recommend any required treatment at the optimal time. Early interceptive treatment can be completed with removable appliances, fixed appliances, and braces.

Orthodontic treatment for adolescents and adults is usually completed with metal and clear self-ligating braces or Invisalign® clear aligners. Regardless of the type of appliance used, orthodontics creates a constant, gentle force in a carefully controlled direction, to slowly move teeth to the proper position.

We utilize the latest technologies in orthodontics to ensure efficiency in treatment, as well as comfort for our patients. Our latest addition is the iTero® Element intraoral digital scanner, which takes digital impressions for study models, appliances, and Invisalign treatment. This eliminates the need for uncomfortable and messy impressions! We are proud to be the first orthodontic and dental office to operate the iTero Element scanner in Canada.

Orthodontic Treatment at Panorama Orthodontics

At your first visit to our Surrey, BC orthodontic office, you’ll be greeted and provided with a personalized package, welcoming you to the office. An office tour is followed by a comprehensive examination with Dr. Chow. Photographs and a radiograph (if required) are taken to allow us to formulate a customized treatment plan. A comprehensive case presentation is provided by Dr. Chow with clear visuals of your orthodontic needs and treatment options.

An accurate treatment fee will also be presented at your consultation, along with our flexible payment options. Any required insurance information is also reviewed. There are no high-pressure tactics at our consultations—they are friendly and fun! You are welcome to start treatment whenever you feel comfortable with our recommendations, and are ready financially to begin.

We are dedicated to providing an in-depth and informative consultation so that you can make an informed decision about your care or the care of your child.

The Panorama Orthodontics Team

Our team is dedicated to providing our highest level of customer service and professionalism, along with exceptional clinical care. We take pride in getting to know our patients, their hobbies, and pets. We love to hear about vacations, school activities, and athletic endeavours. We consider every patient a member of our patient family, and treat them like we would treat our own family members! From the first phone call to the final retainer check, we are proud to provide an amazing orthodontic experience!

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