What to Expect

The following is a summary of what you and your family can expect from our team at Panorama Orthodontics. From your first phone call to our practice, to the completion of your treatment, we strive to maintain the highest standards of excellence and professionalism. We endeavor to create a positive experience beyond your expectations.

Initial Phone Call

When you first call our office, one of our friendly office team members will assist you in making a new patient consultation appointment for you or your child. We will also begin gathering important information necessary for Dr. Chow to prepare for your appointment, and will answer any questions you may have.

We may refer you to our web site to download and print the forms that will be required at your new patient consultation. This will allow you to complete these forms at your leisure and bring them to your appointment, saving some of your valuable time at the first visit. These include:

New Patient Consultation

At the new patient consultation, we will review your Medical History, Dental History, and Practice Privacy Consent form. Thereafter, a thorough orthodontic examination will be completed by our team, and the preliminary findings will be discussed with you at that time. Additional diagnostic records may be recommended to allow Dr. Chow to complete your diagnosis and formulate the appropriate treatment options.

We will explain and demonstrate your treatment options, as well as any appliances that are recommended for your orthodontic care.

In the vast majority of consultations, we will also be able to provide an accurate fee for the recommended orthodontic treatment. We offer various payment options and courtesy payment plans to facilitate your family’s budget. Please see our financial policies for more details.

Any additional questions that you may have will be addressed at this time.

For children who are not ready for treatment with appliances or braces, we will recommend that they enroll in our Pre-Orthodontic Guidance Program, with appointments approximately every six months to monitor dental development and growth, as well as to guide the eruption of the underlying permanent teeth as necessary.  orthodontic care can then be recommended at the optimal age.

Diagnostic Records

If treatment is recommended, Dr. Chow will require some additional diagnostic records, allowing him to formulate a customized treatment plan especially for you. Diagnostic records include, but are not limited to:

  • Photos of the face, smile, and teeth
  • 3-dimensional digital scan of the teeth
  • X-rays of your teeth and jaws

Arrangements will be made for your subsequent appointments for the placement of your orthodontic appliances promptly thereafter.

Initiating Treatment

The placement of your orthodontic appliances usually requires a longer appointment, compared to many of your other appointments throughout treatment. Your appointment to place your orthodontic appliances may not be during the most desirable time of the day (before of after school or work). Our sophisticated scheduling system accommodates our patients, recognizing that your time is extremely valuable. Please click here for more details on our appointment policies.

There may be some minor discomfort for one to two days after the placement of your orthodontic appliances. Over-the-counter pain relievers such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil) are effective against any discomfort you may have.

Slight modifications in your diet and oral hygiene are necessary for the success of your orthodontic treatment. Click here to see how to care for your braces.

We will communicate closely with your family dentist throughout your treatment. We recommend that you continue to visit your dentist every six months for checkups and cleanings. Patients with adjunctive dental concerns may be referred to their dentist or periodontist more often.

Treatment Visits

Your appointments will be scheduled at regular intervals throughout your orthodontic treatment. The frequency of your appointments will depend on the stage of treatment, type of appliances, and treatment progress. Do not be concerned if your treatment intervals are as long as ten to 12 weeks! The appliances and wires that we use are very specialized and high-tech, and remain active until your next appointment. The frequency of your appointments may decrease to as short as every three or four weeks during certain stages of your treatment.

We provide the highest level of care, and will finish your treatment as quickly and efficiently as possible. Remember that the success of your treatment lies in your hands as well. Learn how to care for your braces, and contribute to the success of your treatment!

We encourage our patients and their parents to be involved in the orthodontic treatment. Questions or concerns will be addressed promptly by a member of our team throughout the treatment.

Treatment Completion

Once your orthodontic treatment is complete, you will be fitted with appliances and/or retainers to retain your beautiful new smile. Additional information will be reviewed so that you can enjoy your spectacular smile as much as possible.

Retainers can be either removable or permanent. The types of retainers recommended for your new smile will depend on your initial orthodontic needs, facial type, and growth pattern. Dr. Chow will prescribe a custom retention schedule appropriate for you.

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