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Panorama Orthodontics

5 out of 5 based on 7 user reviews.

By Arlene, an adult patient treated with braces, and also mom of a our patient.


"I was fascinated about Dr. Chow and his office by so many things. I feel qualified to say these things, because I had opportunity to compare his practice to another closer to my home. I was impressed prior to meeting Dr. Chow, by reading about his involvement in teaching at UBC and his complimentary consult offer. On my first visit (and all visits) parking was so readily available, free of charge, and right outside the office door. When I walked in the door, I was impressed with the design and cleanliness of the office, but more so by the caring welcome by the administrative staff. My son and I have now completed our orthodontic treatments with Dr. Chow and his team. I was treated at each and every step with utmost respect and thoroughness by Dr. Chow and his staff. I always knew what to expect; the detail of the staff's care counseling was impressive, as was the accuracy of the financial plans presented and executed. I also appreciated that the office schedule was almost always spot on, if not running early; if I had to wait, it was only for a brief few minutes and understandable. I found Dr. Chow's interest in education and use of technology to better serve his clients of benefit. Now that my treatment has ended, I look back and find myself wondering if I I have ever seen such professionalism in service! I will miss my visits, as Dr. Chow and his team's gentle humour and friendliness was always a highlight to my day."

By Joanne, mom of current patient.


"I am pleased to share some comments about Dr. Chow and his staff at Panorama Orthodontics. The location of the practice is easily accessible, and conveniently located close to my home and my children's school. The staff is very friendly, and works hard to be flexible with their appointment schedule to accommodate my changing needs. The overall office environment and experience is perfect for me and my children - we feel very comfortable coming there for our orthodontic treatment. I can honestly say that Dr. Chow and his team go above and beyond my expectations!"

By Ava, 24, treated with clear braces


"I came to Dr. Chow with a not-so-great experience with my previous orthodontist, worried that my smile would be ruined forever. Within a year of seeing Dr. Chow, I had my braces off and I could not believe how great my teeth looked. I was amazed at how knowledgeable Dr. Chow was; he addressed all of my concerns and made sure I had a fantastic smile at the end of my treatment. He is experienced and professional but also incredibly kind and personable, which sets him apart from many other dental professionals. Dr. Chow and his staff truly went above and beyond, creating a welcoming atmosphere and making sure I was comfortable and happy with my treatment; I actually looked forward to going in for my appointments and I could not be happier with my results!"

By Eric, 27, treated with Invisalign and upper braces


"Dr. Chow is a caring and extremely skilled orthodontist of high integrity. I give him the highest recommendation to anyone who requires orthodontic work to be done. I approached Chow's office for adult orthodontic treatment and he did things right from the beginning. He began with an in depth, complimentary consultation and exam asking me what my concerns were and what I expected to have done with my teeth. During the exam, he performed a thorough examination complete with photos and explained to me what he thought needed to be done based on function and aesthetics. Above all, he listened to what my concerns and expectations were and clearly let me know what would have to be done and how much treatment would cost. Importantly, Dr. Chow's price was not only fair, but there were no hidden charges throughout treatment. There were a few extra procedures and adjustments that needed to be done during treatment to obtain the results I wanted and Dr. Chow was very willing to go the extra mile to achieve these objectives with me. Dr. Chow provided me excellent and attentive treatment. There were adjustment appointments every 4-8 weeks to ensure that treatment was going as planned. During each appointment, Dr. Chow took his time to perform the necessary adjustments with care and precision and addressed any concerns that I might have had. Never once did an appointment feel rushed. I went into treatment with extremely high expectations but Dr. Chow's own standards surpassed mine. Towards the end of treatment, I was satisfied with the results but Dr. Chow suggested that we make a few extra adjustments to make my teeth look even better which of course meant that he would have to provide me with slightly longer treatment. Dr. Chow's orthodontic treatment on my teeth not only matched, but exceeded my expectations; as a result, I am extremely happy with how my smile now looks. Dr. Chow's team and office is also top notch. Everyone from the receptionists to the dental assistants are friendly, accommodating and professional. The office is clean and modern-looking. There might be an orthodontist who is as skilled as Dr. Chow; there might be an orthodontist who has as much integrity as him; or there might be an orthodontist who shows as much care towards his patients but it would be difficult to find an orthodontist who has the combination of skill, care and integrity that Dr. Chow has."

By Susan, mother of Rebecca, age 18, treated with braces and jaw surgery


"My daughter has been seeing Dr. Chow and the Panorama Orthodontics team for the past several years. She is now braces-free! I feel that the care that my daughter has experienced has been absolutely first class. My daughter's beautiful smile and facial profile have been enhanced immeasurably, and I would not hesitate to recommend Panorama Orthodontics to any of my family and friends. The practice is a dynamic environment with state-of-the-art equipment. The office is clean, bright and very impressive with its judicious use of technology. First impressions were that we were in a modern, up-to-date medical facility. During the two-year treatment period, we have encountered a most professional, yet personal atmosphere in this practice. The front desk receptionists are helpful, friendly and most accommodating. Booking appointments is fairly easy since the hours of operation include early mornings as well as afternoons after school. A helpful reminder phone call or email always comes a day or two before the appointment. The clinical team has treated my daughter with the utmost respect, coaching her how to deal with and take care of her braces, and now, retainer. There were many occasions of shared laughter that were heard from the waiting room! My daughter's orthodontic problems extended beyond her teeth, as the problems were compounded by a jaw misalignment. This meant that she needed to have jaw surgery to correct it. Dr. Chow was very patient and thorough in explaining to us the reasons for the surgery and the results that we would expect after the surgery. Now that the treatment period has ended, my daughter is still going to see Dr. Chow for periodic check-ups to ensure that everything is remaining stable and looking fantastic."

By Rebecca, age 18, treated with braces and jaw surgery


"Dr. Chow's staff is so welcoming and friendly! Everyone always greets you with a smile and truly cares about how your day is going. I really appreciated how interested everyone was with what was going on in my life. It is a bright and vivacious office with fun and exciting people working there. It was always made clear to me what was being done in my mouth and how I should care for my teeth and braces myself. I thoroughly enjoyed being treated by Dr. Chow and his team at Panorama Orthodontics! I would definitely recommend this office to anyone; it is in touch with the most current technology, the people are approachable and energetic, and the treatment is effective and worthwhile!"

By Allison, mother of Chantelle, age 14, treated with braces, and Haley, age 11


"Dr. Chow and his team are an exceptional group of people to work with. From the minute you walk into the office to the minute you walk out the door, you always feel like you are at home and part of their family. I really like that they were always upfront and honest, and weren't afraid to give my daughter some stern encouragement when she wasn't following her home care instructions. I am pleased to share that I have found that more and more families I know are a part of the Panorama Orthodontics family! I wish I could say that I will be sad to say goodbye to the team, but I can't as Child #2 will be heading into treatment soon enough; I am happy that we will still be part of the family."

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